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Jacqueline Denton

Raised in a small rural town in southeast Kansas, it may be hard for some to believe that Jacqueline Denton isn’t actually from another planet. After showing an interest in art from a young age, Jacqueline was always encouraged and supported by her mother, an art teacher, to pursue her artistic abilities and interests. Denton attended Pittsburg State University where she studied for her BFA, experimenting with her style and allowing herself to find her artistic voice. After posting and sharing her artwork online though social media outlets, Denton began gaining recognition by connecting and communicating with other artists as well as peers who found her work compelling and engaging. Denton’s illustrated self-portraits have been displayed in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, and at Levitation - Austin Psych Fest in Austin, TX. 


Jacqueline notes that her biggest influence is her friend and mentor, Oliver Hibert. Denton and Hibert have worked on numerous collaborative projects together since  2013, including a 56 page full-color experimental comic book titled ‘Trippin the Void’ which was published and released in May 2015 by NYC publisher VonZos.

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