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Feral Collective

Feral is a Mexico City-based group conformed by four artists : Christian Castañeda, Roberto Flores, Mariana Magdaleno, Jorge Rosano Gamboa. Feral emerged in 2004 through the common interest in developing a collaborative work platform

whose cohesive element is the act of drawing.

The act of drawing as a means of realisation was then a star-ting point, which has now evolved into a way of thinking, into a language whose art pieces transcend the two-dimensional space into installations in the exhibition space.

Furthermore, is the generation of these dialogic spaces FERAL’s utter intention thus that is where those breaking points take place, this is where the quest for future discourses occurs. These are the spaces that put a barrier between us and the common places produced by the inertia of the triviality of continuity, there lies the possibility of thinking against the mainstream.

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